GRC Staff
Jacqueline Dr. Jacqueline Whalley, is the new director for the Centre.  Having worked in GIS and spatio-temporal modelling and simulation on an EU Project Jacqui’s research background has otherwise been in information visualisation, biological modelling and simulation and computational intelligence (soft computing).

phone: +64 9 921 5203
Professor Philip Sallis, was the director of the Centre from 2007-2013. Dr Sallis is a Pro Vice Chancellor and the Head of the School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences. He also holds an Adjunct Research Professorship at Universidad Catolica del Maule in Chile where he has established a geospatial information processing laboratory and works with others there to co-ordinate joint GeoComputing projects with AUT in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Philip continues to maintain a close assoication wth the GRC supverising PhD students and continuing his Instrumentation and Measurement research.

phone: +64 9 921 9010
akbar Akbar Ghobakhlou. Akbar is a Research Fellow in the Centre. His early tertiary qualifications are in Electrical Engineering and he received his BSc(Hons) in Information Science in signal processing from the University of Otago. His PhD thesis is on the topic of "connectionist-based adaptive speech recognition systems". He has been involved in a number of research projects ranging from robotic navigation to multimodal biometric person verification systems from which he has published numerous articles and registered a patent. His current research interest includes wireless sensor networks, signal processing, pattern recognition, evolving connectionist systems and audio and text mining.

phone: +64 9 921 9562
 subana Dr Subana Shanmuganathan. Subana is a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre. Subana's current work is predominantly in data mining and data depiction using contemporary statistical clustering and visualisation techniques.

phone: +64 9 921 9567
Jason Wang Xie (Jason). Jason is a research assistant at the GRC. He has a Bachelor of Computer Systems degree. Jason is currently working on a wireless sensor project, developing and testing microcontroller programming and is also working towards an MPhil.
kitty Kitty Ko. Kitty is responsible for the administration of the Centre. Her  background is in Information Systems and Accounting,

phone: +64 9 921 9999 x5803

GRC Students and their projects
Enobong Bassey, graduated with a Master of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, after obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. He will be developing a novel set of chemical sensors or "e-nose" in short, for analysing grapevine and wine taste for a wider project called "Eno-Humans". The aim is to building models to analyse and predict climate change effects in weather conditions and on wine quality.

Macbeda Michael-Agwuoke, is undertaking research that aims to develop an environment life cycle assessment and simulation model that will assist in the decision making and management of solid waste landfill.

alex Alexander Kmoch. Alexander has a background in computer science and worked in the IT industry for several years. Then he decided to change paths slightly and graduated with a Master in Geographical Information Science and Systems at the Interfaculty Department for Geoinformatics (Z_GIS), University of Salzburg, Austria. In New Zealand he joined the GNS Science-led EU-NZ cooperative SMART Aquifer Characterisation Programme. Within his PhD studies for the SMART research aim “Data Synthesis and Visualisation”, Alex will develop a web-based geospatial data sharing and 3D/4D visualisation framework hydro(geo)logical datasets for New Zealand.

twitter: @allixender
sara Sara Zandi completed her MPhil thesis entitled ”GeoComputational Methods for Surface and Field Data Interpolation” in December 2013 at the GRC. She is currently studying toward a PhD and is funded by the Head of School PhD scholarship. Sara's research involves taking a multi-agent software systems approach to modeling airborne particulate matter density .

  Nishantha Medagoda. Nishantha is undertaking a PhD investigating methods for opinion mining in non-english languages.
Ahmad Ahmad Wedyan. Ahmad is undertaking his PhD rinvestigating novel nature-inspired methods, including  intelligent water drop algorithms, for solving optimization problems.
Isaac Nti Isaac Nti graduated in December 2013 with his PhD entitled “Geospatial Process Modelling for Land Use Cover Change”. His study was sponsored by the University of Ghana.  Isaac is returned to Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Ghana in Legon.
AUT Associates
AjitNarayanan Professor Ajit Narayanan, Ajit is the Head of School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences. His research areas includes application of artificial intelligence techniques in bioinformatics and systems biology computational statistics, modelling and simulation and computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science. He is interested in applying discriminant analysis and other analytical methods to GRC's quest to observe and determine correlation and variable value dependance between different data types. His publication includes books, journal articles and international conference presentations.

K Prasad Professor Krishnamachar Prasad, Electrical and Electronic Engineering at AUT. Krishnamachar Prasad's research focuses on the development and reliability studies of novel interconnects in conventional and three dimensional integrated circuits. He has worked extensively on the technology development and characterisation of a variety of silicon and compound semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. He is currently venturing into a study of semiconductor based sensors for odour, colour and chemical profiling, in order to develop smart tools that can be used in the fruit, wine, fish and fast food industries. He has published about 150 papers in peer reviewed international journals and conferences.

International Associates
Sergio Hernandez Dr Sergio Hernandez.Sergio is  a lecturer at the Universidad Catolica del Maule (UCM), Chile. He studied Acoustic Engineering at the Universidad Tecnologica de Chile and completed a Masters in Computer Engineering at the Universidad de Santiago de Chile. He developed a neuro-fuzzy method for dimensionality reduction and classification in non destructive testing. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Victoria University of Wellington, where he has developed a method for tracking multiple objects in video sequences. He undertook a postdoctoral research position in the GRC prior to returning to UCM in 2013. His research interests include machine learning, data mining, spatial statistics and pattern recognition.

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